Monday, January 1, 2018

This month...

 I will:

* have our pictures taken
* work out
* visit Oradea
* visit train station
* have dinner in a nice restaurant
* buy a new coat/jacket
* celebrate Nalia's birthday
* make a plan for the new year
* stay hydrated 
* eat smarter
* take vitamins
* watch a documentary
* take better pictures
* travel back to Munich
* search and find a home
* search and find a kindergarten
* start homeschooling activities 
* read parenting books (!)
* find a good gym in Munich
* stay organised
* deal with relocation bureaucracy
* re-launch my blog
* make a proper blog-posting schedule
* find deals for house furniture and appliances
* listen to new music
* meet our friends
* make short trips around Munich
* find a good beauty salon 
* play more


1 comment:

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