Saturday, June 9, 2018

Bachelorette weekend

     Oh...these beautiful girls of mine... I never get enough of time spent with them! They are the best! Conversations are always flowing, they always have smart, insightful things to say and we, do we laugh so hard! :D

     When it was time to celebrate our Ana bachelorette style, we all knew there was only one way to do it. US girls, together. Our original idea was to have a little getaway somewhere beach-y, but due to everyone's busy schedule and 2x pregnant bellies we figured it's best to keep things closer to Munich. We kept looking around and then found this super cosy cabin, one hour away from Munich, at Herzogstand. It was perfect!

    Us pregnant ladies could go up with the Seilbahn while the other girls hiked. The views of the Walchensee were out of these world... I couldn't believe all of this was so close to the city!

   We had the best time chatting away until the hiking girls joined us for dinner and drinks, then by the time the sun went down and things started to get a bit rainy we moved things up in our room. We played games, talked and laughed our asses off...well... until our neighbours started knocking in the walls for us to keep things down. :D

    All good tho, we weren't planning to make it an all nighter (did I mention the 2x pregnant bellies?)
We woke up the next morning refreshed and marvelling at the amazing mountain views out our window. After breakfast we made our way down with the cable cart and headed on the other side to Kochelsee for a half day at the Kristalltherme trimini Kochel am See. It was SO GOOD!! We got massages, which this momma desperately needed, lounged in the sun, had lunch by the lake, took some funny belly pictures and when things got stormy again we made our way home. It was such a perfect weekend!

     I know I don't just speak for myself when I say we just love spending time together! We are so lucky to have found each other and for connecting so well... It never ceases to amaze me how good friendships can be for the soul...


photos by all of us :D 

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