Friday, June 8, 2018

Life in the countryside

     I have previously spoken about the joys of visiting the countryside in Bayern and here's another one of those joyful occasions. It has been a while since we managed to visit our relatives. With our move and travels and fixing up our new place, plus getting re-aquainted with the beautiful city of Munich, we just could not find the opportunity to go. Until we did.

     This place is just so beautiful and fulfilling that I can't get enough! We always feel the most welcomed in this environment and it leaves us feeling happy and recharged every single time. The peace and positivity floats in the air. We all took a moment to notice how our family is expanding and how different it is when we all gather here with our little ones and it just put a smile on everyone's faces. There's yet another generation that delights themselves with all the goodness this place has to offer.

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