Sunday, July 1, 2018

This month...

I will:

* drive back to Munich
* learn to take care of plants
* register Nalia in Kindergarten
* take vitamins
* go to the zoo
* find ballet class for Nalia
* do and document homeschool activities
* buy a crib and stroller for baby
* finish organising our home
* have a picnic
* finish reading 2 books
* install art and prints on our walls
* print out photos for our albums
* post on the blog + refresh blog look
* go to a Flohmarkt
* bake a cake
* order kitchen drawers
* grow something with Nalia
* try new recipes together
* prepare for Kindergarten
* visit a farm
* go to a lake
* lern to declutter
* use / keep a planner
* be more accountable for the food we buy
* waste less (water, food, plastic, supplies)
* meal plan
* try to eliminate impulse buys
* have a girl's night


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