Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Family fall bucketlist

     Making list is always at the top of my list... (see what I did there?). And before you ask, yes i am one of those people that like to write stuff down just so they have something to check off...

      Since having kids, but especially since Nalia is old enough to truly grasp the magic of every season, I've wanted to create more memories together and teach her as much as possible through play. I've been struggling to connect with her in various activities. Lately the only place we see eye to eye is sharing crayons and a colouring book... Or in the kitchen, in the few minutes she wants to 'help out' before she decides she's bored and leaves me hanging with a few extra messes to clean up. I  wish to make things as much fun as possible for her and sometimes I'm afraid I am not doing a very good job at that...  Especially now that my hands are full with our little one and Nalia's entire world is upside down, I want to be able to give her more quality in our time spent together.

     Enter the Fall Bucket List!

     I've seen several of these going around social media and I thought what a nice motivator to put on our happy faces for once and focus on creating something together as a family. It sure feels good checking things off the list and it will feel even better to have all these nice memories stored away...

     Here's some points we chose together and hope to accomplish as much as we can:

* gather rocks and paint them to form different stories
* visit an indoor playground
* have meatballs and mashed potatoes at IKEA
* make arts and crafts using dry leaves
* make soup
* cook something with pumpkin
* have a fall photo-shoot
* eat chestnuts
* visit an outdoor market
* make our own chai latte
* bring out our winter closet
* visit an art centre
* bake apple pie
* go to the Englischer Garten
* register for Ski lessons
* play board games
* get (fake) tattoos
* have a picnic
* host a Friendsgiving
* start Christmas shopping
* go on a nature hunt
* look for free local festivities
* drink hot chocolate
* collect pine cones
* boost our immunity 
* jump in a pile of leaves
* wear scarves 
* play football
* print out instax photos
* have a movie night
* burn scented candles
* take a bubble bath
* wear comfy, cozy socks
* visit a farm
* do an act of kindness
* marvel at the beauty of nature in the fall season
* open all the windows and cuddle under a blanket
* go to a library and have Nalia choose a book
* explore a new part of town
* bake muffins
* make a list of things we are thankful for
* enjoy fall! 

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