Friday, November 2, 2018

This month...

I will:

* write more
* eat better / meal plan
* plan a photoshoot in Romania
* organize iPhone photos
* read
* stay positive
* be a better parent
* keep Nalia healthy
* get Romanian birth certificate for baby
* go outside more
* try out kids spaces in Munich
* plan  our vacation for next year
* spend wisely
* find a better family routine
* do more homeschooling activities
* apply for state kindergarten
* use essential oils 
* take more pictures and videos
* host a 'Friendsgving' dinner
* waste less (food, plastic,etc.)
* plan Christmas gifts
* plan a Christmas dinner with friends in Romania
* go to the dentist
* prepare application for Hebammen Berufsschule 
* get a projector
* offer more support to my husband
* use our time more efficiently


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