Tuesday, January 1, 2019

This month

I wish to:

* organize photos
* clear out junk from my phone
* print out photos
* watch a good documentary
* reduce sugar intake
* make better food choices
* get Leah's ears pierced
* travel back to Munich
* visit my uncle
* declutter home
* stay on top of house chores
* put prints on the walls
* organise our important documents
* invite our neighbours for dinner
* take out Nalia's nap / set a healthier sleep routine
* start planning our time more efficiently
* go out of the house every day
* find a crossfit gym nearer to our home 
* use our essential oils
* learn to braid Nalia's hair
* buy fresh flowers every week
* have a girls night
* get a dr. check up
* read before bed
* meal plan
* celebrate Nalia's birthday
* take Nalia skiing
* take vitamins
* go to a live band concert
* have a date with husband (or 3!)
* work towards being calmer and more positive
* do and document homeschool activities with Nalia
* find a playdate for Nalia
* listen to good music together
* invite Alexia to visit in February
* have more pictures taken / be in the picture
* post on blog
* learn to use Adobe
* stress less

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