Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A new beginning


     2020... sounds sort of surreal that the clock struck midnight and we have stepped into this new decade. The smell of fresh change and new promises is in the air. Everyone touches head on the pillow with a certain kind of thrill flowing in their veins. It's a new time to set things right. A new world of second chances to better ourselves.

     I for one, can't even believe I have abandoned this space for the entirety of 2019. At first, it was just the fact that I have struggled emotionally. Then it was lack of focus. Then lack of time and also lack of potentially interesting content. What can I say... Insta-stories is where it was this past year.

     One thing seems to have slipped my mind completely though... this space was supposed to be for me. Untainted by social media frenzy or commercialism. That I do regret. Not putting out there the things we have accomplished last year. Not saying all I was supposed to say into the Universe. Not writing.

     I have decided to pick it up again. Not sure yet how I'll make it work and what I will post about. If it will stay purely journal-style or take a different, more appealing form. But I need this in my life and I feel now I can give it the right amount of attention.

     As usual, I have made my list of wishes for the new year. Somewhat reluctant this time, as last year went in all kinds of ways other then what I have predicted. Here goes:

*  work hard to find my balance this year
*  be more patient with everyone around
*  don't shout
* start juicing / smoothies again
* fully commit to a good workout schedule
* lose the belly
* give up the "perfectionist' mindset
*  let go and loosen up
*  play more
* take several small trips in Europe
* pick up blogging again and figure out this space
* eat (much) less sweets
* print our photos
* Read the books that have been sitting untouched on my shelf
* waste less time
* do more charity
* start taking steps towards my career goals
* celebrate the good moments
*  explore Munich
* sleep early
* get German citizenship 
* get a haircut
* get a tattoo
* paint & diy
* plan activities for the girls
* go to Romania
* have a vacation with friends
* declutter and stay organised
* bake 
* ride a bicycle
* be a good example for the girls
* learn something new
* watch less Netflix
* reduce plastic use
* spend more mindfully
* drink more water
* spend more time in nature
* show gratefulness to the people in my life
* practice meditation
* plant something from seed
* help more with administrative issues at home
* cook more Romanian food 
* listen to podcasts
* have a no-spend month
* always make the bed
* meal plan
* visit Paris or London
* carry a water bottle everywhere 
* get an insta-pot
* unsubscribe from trash emails
* use less chemical products
* get cleaning help
* slow down
* remove stress and agitation from my life
* have a happy 2020

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